Connecting you to the RWI Network... Contributing Member’s Pledge – PLAA- Private Lender's Association of America

The Contributing Member's Pledge

Contribution to your success comes first
is our promise to you.

Contributing back when you close a deal
is your promise to the community.

Our Purpose

Supporting each others' success.

We believe that it’s important to contribute and support each others’ success.  Our purpose as a community, is that we help each other become better investors, by becoming better investors ourselves through networking and sharing our experiences and knowledge with our community. 

The rewards we get as contributing members are exponential compared to what we contribute, which is why we do not ask anyone to become a contributing member until you get the results you want.

Our Community

Delivering Exponential Access and Resources.

As contributing members of a decentralized distributed benefits community whose primary purpose is to contribute to each others’ individual success the exponential benefits the shared network affect a community can deliver provides resources and access that is far greater than any individual can achieve on their own.  This is the community we are building.

Our Values

We Deliver, You Choose.

In an online universe where skepticism is not an option, but a requirement to becoming successful we commit to those who are reading this and considering joining us to not make your decision on our words but rather our actions and your experience of our ability to deliver on our promise to do everything we can to help make you more successful personally and financially.  To make sure we stay true to our principals of advancing your individual and our collective success as a community means we must deliver on that promise first.

This means that when it comes to funding deals, whether as an Investor-Borrower or as a Private Lender we do not charge anyone anything.  We aggregate and deliver to you both, without reservation and filtering the very best matches based on both users preferences.

Our Benefits

Delivering and Aggregating Matches Without Reservation or Filtering

Your contribution is totally voluntary and you do not have any kind of legally binding debt under the terms of this agreement

Regardless of whether or not you join with us, we will support you FIRST until you get results and beyond.

For those who take the pledge we invoice you on all deals that you close on as an Investor, Borrower or Lender
that you participate in and found here on our app.

If, for whatever reason, you feel as if our community is not deserving of your support or your contribution
we ask that you do not make a contribution.

In the event you choose to follow thru on your pledge
then simply pay the invoice of 0.25% of the total funding amount as your contribution out of the closing.

Lastly, this payment is made solely at your option and your judgement that you agree
we have delivered on our promise to you and confirm that you want to continue to be a part of our community.

Feedback Contribution

Also, as with any financial contributions we ask, that if you feel our community is deserving we will ask you for honest, specific feedback about your counterpart in the transaction so that we all can improve and become the best we can be as investors and community members.


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If you want to become a Community Contributor then make your pledge by checking the "I Agree" button below and you will have a black-and-white community member icon next to your name. 

Contributing Member

Starting with your first closing your community contribution icon will change from grey to full color.  It will remain colored as long as you contribute at each closing.

Should you ever decide that you do not want to be a Community Contributor and no longer wish to contribute a fraction of the deals you have funded then simply email us and we will change your icon immediately to reflect your change of status.

  • I understand that my contribution is totally voluntary and I do not have any kind of legally binding debt under the terms of this agreement.
  • I understand that I will receive an invoice from Real Wealth Investors Network for 0.25% of the total funding amount as my contribution out of the closing.
  • I understand that starting with my first closing my community contribution icon will change from grey to full color and it will remain colored as long as I contribute at each closing.

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